AERO’s partnerships model connects healthcare educators with researchers to promote cutting-edge research from start to finish.

Connect with AERO's Partnership Model

AERO partners with clinical educators to enhance their innovations and research, and to mobilize the knowledge they generate.

In the AERO partnerships model, we develop a contracted relationship with colleagues in need of AERO scientists’ and investigators’ services to support and coordinate their project.

Clinical educators become key members of the AERO community, providing important contextual- and practice-based knowledge about the design, delivery, and evaluation of healthcare educational initiatives.

Join AERO's Community of Education Investigators & Scientists

AERO represents education scientists and investigators at Unity Health Toronto through: – strategic advocacy within the research institute

  • communications and public relations support
  • connection with relevant local, national and international communities


AERO works for education scientists and investigators by providing:

  • administrative support for all research procedures
  • navigation of human resources, research ethics,contracts, and nance
  • amplification and promotion of scholarly worklocally, nationally, and internationally

AERO Can Help With


Clinical healthcare educators see opportunities to develop or improve methods of patient care taught to future healthcare professionals.


AERO connects these educators with AERO researchers, who collaboratively design a project to enable scholarly investigation of the proposed innovation.


AERO supports funding applications and creates and tracks budgets and measures of accountability.

Project Implementing

AERO supports project launch, including oversight of all data collection and analysis activities.

Project Mobilization

ERO and its partners collaborate to conduct and mobilize projects e ciently in educational and clinical sites.

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