Who is AERO?

... Numbers and Imapct

AERO has recruited, advocates for and is building with 14 Unity Health Toronto scientists and investigators.

Since launching in 2018, AERO members have...

Published ~250 research papers

Led or supported 20 grants totalling

$1.2 millon

Impacts through...

Health professions education & clinical practice

Enhancing Maternal Care

AERO’s QuILT project shifted Labour & Delivery unit policies, including changes in the orientation and training materials for ALL incoming nursing and midwifery staff, improving collaboration for optimized patient care.

Educating in a Pandemic

AERO members initiated and led www.quickicutraining.com, a critical care inter-professional educational resource which reached 60,000+ clinicians worldwide during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Ensuring Patient Empathy

AERO members evaluated and improved the Patients as Teachers compassionate surgical training program, expanding it to all medical students across Toronto and launching extensions across Canada.

AERO Research Group

AERO Serves Two Main Groups:

AERO Scientists / Investigators

Education researchers who spend a large proportion of their time on research activities. AERO promotes, supports, and connects the work of this group.

AERO Educators / Scholars

Education scholars who spend some time on research activities. Depending on fit, AERO CONSULTS to, collaborates with, and coordinates efforts for this group.

AERO partners with many people and units locally, nationally, and internationally. Our closest partners are the Allan Waters Family Simulation Centre and the Centre for Faculty Development.

AERO on Google Scholar

Find the latest publications by AERO Research Group on Google Scholar

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