QuILT Project

QuILT: Quality Improvement in Labour & Delivery Transfers and Consults QuILT brings family doctors, midwives, nurses, obstericians and other clinicians together with education researchers to

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TeaChR Project

TeaChR: Teaching Critical Reflection The TeaChR project builds off prior work that shows critical reflection could be a crucial capacity underlying the social roles of health professionals

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SoMe for CF Project

SoMe for CF: Social Media as an Educational Tool for Adults with Cystic Fibrosis Led by Dr. Anju Anand, this innovative project connects adults with

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SEG-GM Project

SEG-GM: Structured Educational Goal-setting for in-patient Geriatric Medicine Led by Drs. Jillian Alston and Dov Gandell, this innovative project involves structuring the process by which

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SSHRC Connection Project

Fixing the Broken Links AERO received competitive funding from the SSHRC Connection Grants program. This “Fixing the Broken Links” project brings together clinician-educators and education

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Patient as Teacher

Patient as Teacher is a new and exciting program started by Dr. Jory Simpson, which integrates humanistic and patient-centred approaches into undergraduate surgical education. As

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