Providence Rehabilitation Applied Education Research Fellowship

Rehabilitation practitioners are an under-represented yet knowledge-rich community. And Professionals across the Health Disciplines innovate in their rehabilitation practices daily, yet many do not have the protected time to study those innovations. Their experience with navigating long-term relationships, managing ambiguity in everyday practice, and adapting to variations in patients’ goals and outcomes requires them to take a nuanced approach to care. And that means they must learn how to learn, adapt, and reflect. Rehabilitation offers the health professions education field an opportunity to advance knowledge and approaches related to preparing competent, compassionate, and person-centred practitioners. 

The Knowledge Centre at Providence provides the perfect backdrop for this exciting research. The simulation lab and classrooms nurture an environment of collaboration and outside the box thinking.

The Providence Rehabilitation Applied Education Research Fellowship is a new fellowship that will offer $100,000 per year in funding (estimated 0.2-0.4 FTE), research mentorship, and professional development in applied education research within the rehabilitation program.

During the one- or two-year fellowship, Providence Rehabilitation Applied Education Research Fellows will complete an applied education research project under the supervision of one Applied Education Research Operatives (AERO) scientist and one individual representing either Providence or rehabilitation expertise. The Providence Rehabilitation Applied Education Research Fellows will also complete a curriculum in education and applied education research.

Providence Rehabilitation Applied Education Research Fellows will base their applied education research project either at, or in close partnership with Providence. They will also join Unity Health Toronto’s research enterprise at Li Ka Shing Knowledge Institute, which offers professional development and networking opportunities. 

The Fellowship funds can be divided differently between salary support (i.e., protected time) and project funding support, depending on each applicant’s unique personnel and budget needs (e.g., funding can be directed from your own salary support toward funding a research assistant to facilitate project feasibility).

Who is eligible to apply for the fellowship?

Fellows for the Providence Rehabilitation Applied Education Research Fellowship can be clinicians and trainees from all healthcare professions, research employees (e.g., post-doctoral fellows), and other individuals involved in rehabilitation practice and education at Providence Healthcare.

Application Requirements

  • Curriculum vitae / Academic resume
  • Candidate Application & Statement of Interest Form (2 pages maximum, single-spaced, 12-point font)
  • Letter of support from department head if the project leverages department resources
  • Letter of support from collaborator(s) (if applicable) — example
  • Candidate declaration/manager declaration

You must submit your application before the deadline to Ryan Brydges ([email protected]) and Judy Tran ([email protected]): October 31, 2023

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