QuILT Project

QuILT: Quality Improvement in Labour & Delivery Transfers and Consults QuILT brings family doctors, midwives, nurses, obstericians and other clinicians together with education researchers to tackle a common challenge: how to safely and respectfully complete transfers of care and consults on the labour and delivery unit. Using a powerful approach – institutional ethnography – to […]

TeaChR Project

TeaChR: Teaching Critical Reflection The TeaChR project builds off prior work that shows critical reflection could be a crucial capacity underlying the social roles of health professionals (e.g. advocacy, collaboration). The TeaChR project tests an approach to teaching critical reflection to learners in the health professions. This project will support health professions training programs in preparing health […]

SoMe for CF Project

SoMe for CF: Social Media as an Educational Tool for Adults with Cystic Fibrosis Led by Dr. Anju Anand, this innovative project connects adults with cystic fibrosis – who otherwise would not be able to come together given concerns for their immune systems – through Twitter.  Education and support are offered through this virtual community. […]

SEG-GM Project

SEG-GM: Structured Educational Goal-setting for in-patient Geriatric Medicine Led by Drs. Jillian Alston and Dov Gandell, this innovative project involves structuring the process by which residents set learning goals, and faculty help them achieve those goals, on the geriatrics clinical rotations at St. Michael’s Hospital and Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Residents currently receive no training […]

SSHRC Connection Project

Fixing the Broken Links AERO received competitive funding from the SSHRC Connection Grants program. This “Fixing the Broken Links” project brings together clinician-educators and education scientists to tackle an age-old problem: Bridging practical and research-based knowledge to improve health professions education.  Stay tuned for exciting developments.

Patient as Teacher

Patient as Teacher is a new and exciting program started by Dr. Jory Simpson, which integrates humanistic and patient-centred approaches into undergraduate surgical education. As the program name suggests: patients become the teachers. Previous patients volunteer their time to share their experiences and insights with medical students. In turn, students learn about the surgical journey […]

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